Turning Back Time

Transitioning from summer weather to the chilly winds of winter, so too my heart has transitioned to a frigid state. Almost as if frozen in time, my eyes look on at the lives of others moving forward and yet feel as if I am standing still. Friends and family are changing yet I am at a standstill, wishing for the past to come back into the picture, lending a happiness that I can’t seem to obtain right now. I am stagnant, as my friends from college travel abroad in various countries, I chose to stay here in California, a choice that has haunted me for awhile now. So too my friends from high school are transitioning into adulthood, and the ties between us are slowly unraveling. These days I feel as if everything in my life is conditional. Waiting patiently for something spectacular to happen….for my life to begin…

And God seems more distant than ever.


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