High Tides

In just one weekend, everything has changed.

I may have lost a friend,

but I have gained many more.

I may have had my heart broken,

but I already feel it being mended.

Guided by His hand, I am sure that he has something beautiful set before me.

Just this past weekend has proven that.

Staying on campus for the summer to work Bible lectures, I have been reconnected. I have been reconnected to those friends returning from abroad programs whom I haven’t seen for over a year. I have been reconnected to my passion; working as a childcare leader I have the opportunity to teach His children and impact their faith that awaits them in the years to come.

But most importantly, I have been reconnected to Him.

And it has brought me pure joy.

This weekend He has safeguarded my heart.

He knows those conversations and people that they will create distance between Him and I in our walk,

and Instead, He guides me to certain people who show me a kindness that I will always be thankful for.

These people are rare, always appearing in those times where you need them most. But they will forever impact you, in both your thoughts and actions.

Almost as if someone is looking out for you.

Because that’s just it.

 He is looking out for you.

Perfectly placing these people in your life at just the right times, to give you that extra strength to push forward.

To venture on towards the goal.

Like the tide sweeping over the sand, gently touching you and then retreating back into the ocean, so too do these people touch your heart.

For a brief moment, an understanding quells your erratic thoughts. As if the answer were there all along.

And in that moment, you vow to follow what your head knew but what your heart was afraid to admit.

In that moment,

the tides are high,

the waves crash hard,

and you’re drowning.

But He is your anchor.


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