no one can serve two masters


whom my soul scorns,


I accuse for this heart forlorn.

harbinger of life and death,

you reside in the in-between,

the grey hours.


a parasite, a comfort,

an angel, a lie-

your strength consolidates with my every gasping breath.


flushed skin saturated by the salt you’ve created,

designed for discernment,

desires strength.


I agonize your arrival,

yet crave it.

With you I am both immune, and susceptible.


limitless, yet fragile.


lurking beneath the abysmal void,

patience waits until time halts.

you writhe inside,

whispering weakness.


I tremble at your wake and let you in.

you are the only tangible presence I latch onto for comfort;

a haven of poison.


this labyrinthine conscience,

finds temporary peace

in your embrace.


The warm, sanguine Spirit

I once drank deeply,

now escapes in shallow breaths.


with you I feel connected.


to souls whom the universe has bestowed its mystery,

other lives lived that beckon me to understand.

so many wade through life,

never crossing the threshold;


too afraid to venture the arena, the void.

But just for a moment,

I want to be there.


for your touch is better than none-

reminding flesh and bone its’ frailty.

It is here my spirit meets wisdom.


I and so many,

move with you,

yet we remain blind


to the desiccating manner in which you move.


this time you disguise yourself.

Instead of your usual gray,

You are crimson,

rushing through chambers.


opening, closing,

opening, closing;

dampening the walls i’ve carefully crafted since I first met you.


I’m running,

running to darkness.

I latch the door closed.


It’s just you and me.

shaking hands reach for you,

only to find you hidden


deeper, and deeper, your darkness covers me,


clenched teeth want to gnaw you out,

but in the tension,

I want only to grip you harder,

my twisted comfort.


as I relinquish you inside, I accept your quiet annihilation.

my chosen punishment seemingly within my control.

Scorching the void, my bridge to faith is burning.


but then a vapor rises from the ashes,

the fire turns translucent,

a holy flame.


You are here.

Once more,

I turn to You.


no one can serve two masters.


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